A Center of Healing


Welcome to “The Dub.”

We aren’t quite sure of the origin of Old Wethersfield being nicknamed“The Dub”….but in other words, welcome to Old Wethersfield….Connecticut’s still most auncient and earliest settled town! Here in the heart, you will find our vibrant little healing studio nestled amongst Historic homes and the quaint shops of Main Street! When you find us, you will know it is right on time. We are famous for our deep love of community and passionate about supporting you in living your very best life.

Who We Are…

Our mission is to motivate, guide and inspire our community through the healing arts to be their happiest; healthiest selves so that they may pay it forward; flourish inside and out and feel empowered to explore their meaning of living right.

Find Your Center! We are a multi-modality healing studio located at 280 Main Street in Old Wethersfield, dedicated to helping you develop a sense of wholeness, self-connection and living the best life possible. Our services include a diverse collection of holistic health and healing workshops, therapeutic massage, yoga, barre, reiki, intuitive healings, and meditation. Our commitment is to helping you find optimal health and well-being through the practice of spiritual, mental and physical fitness. We believe this practice comes before everything else. When you commit to a better you, the rest of your life happily follows. Our greatest reward is your transformation. Working one on one or within community to help you feel your best is what we do. We are a small studio with a great big heart! Find your center in the heart of Old Wethersfield!

Shop! Our studio boutique offers a variety of meaningful gifts, many hand-crafted by Connecticut artisans. From manifestation candles and meditation cushions to vintage-inspired jewelry, we hope to provide something for everyone.


Yoga, Barre, Meditation



Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Intuitive Readings