Styles of Classes



A more intense and energetic Vinyasa flow, Power is designed to make you sweat as the postures move at a faster pace. Often referred to as “athletic yoga” it emphasizes building strength & endurance, and focuses more on movement rather than holding a pose.  This class offers an intermediate to advanced level of practice. (Foundations LivFreePowerUP! takes the same great practice, but slows down the pace slightly and serves as an introduction to the more advanced flow)

All Levels Yoga
An intermediate, yet open-level practice for students looking to advance their current yoga practice, or those looking to explore the classic vinyasa style of sequencing. Emphasis will be on breath-synchronized movement; combining intelligent pose sequencing, intention-setting, fluid movement, centering, and integration. The fluid transitions from one pose to another gives you an added cardiovascular benefit. Yogi Express on Saturdays is a 45-minute All Levels practice. 

Strengthen & Surrender Yoga
Build internal heat through a series of stamina building asanas designed to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and improve balance. Come to class ready to explore your edges, find your personal power and listen to your body! Practice will close with a restorative sequence allowing time to turn your attention inward. Different variations of asanas are offered making this class fun, safe and challenging for all levels.

Energy Medicine Yoga
An integrative yoga practice accessible to students of all levels. The practice includes asana poses, breath-work, meditation, and Energy Medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, deep pressure lymph massage, and energy channel clearings. EMYoga will help unlock the language of your body to amplify your healing power - mind, body, and spirit. The result is a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself just as you are now; as you continue on a path toward your best self. It is Yoga...electrified!

Gentle Restorative Yoga
This class combines deep stretching and relaxation, pranayama, mudras and mantras. We begin with breath awareness and mindfulness to bring about a sense of calm and focus, followed by gentle warmups.  We then move into Yin Yoga postures - long static stretches that target the body’s joints and connective tissue to allow for greater mobility and flexibility. We finish with a deeply nourishing Restorative Practice in which the body is placed into postures that are supported with props.  A complement to any other yoga practice,  this class is also perfect for anyone who is recovering from injury or illness or who experiences stress on a regular basis. Suitable for all levels.

Foundations Yoga
A perfect beginner's class and beautiful introduction to the practice of Yoga. Centered on gentle movement, awareness of breath, and stretching, this practice integrates posture to support the release of endorphins & to help reduce stress.  

Gentle Yoga
Practice the art of being gentle...with your body, your mind, and your spirit! Tap into your intuition and allow your body to decide how deep to take a pose, or when to move to a new breath. Utilize basic acupressure points and energy medicine techniques throughout classic Hatha poses to unlock the language of your body and amplify your healing power. Class is suitable for beginners, or experienced yogis looking to slow down their practice. 


Barre- Based off of a dancer's workout, this dynamic class incorporates Pilates, dance, cardio, and strength-training to shape, tone, and work every muscle in your body. Utilizing small hand-weights, balls, resistance bands, and the ballet barre isometric movements will target muscles you didn't know you had! Enjoy upbeat music during this energizing workout and transform your body. Classes are challenging, but adaptable to all-levels. 

Sunrise at the Barre- same fantastic Barre class, just awakened with the sunlight!

Barre Fusion- A combination of yoga and barre. Class will begin with breathing techniques and gentle warm-ups, then build endurance into an invigorating series combining barre and yoga postures.  Exercises are aimed at lengthening, strengthening, toning, and increasing energy for total body fitness. Class ends with a cool down, peaceful restorative posture series, and Savasana. All-Levels.


Meditation enhances your ability to connect with yourself and with others. It helps you become more focused, calm, and creative. Science has proved that this ancient practice has the ability to ease your body into a state of conscious rest. This rest encourages balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. Sitting quietly for a few moments each day invites you to experience these benefits more. 

No experience is necessary for meditation classes. Instructors will guide and support you in learning the art of 'sitting still'. 

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