Our mission is to guide, inspire, and motivate our community through the healing arts to be their happiest; healthiest selves so that they may pay it forward; flourish inside and out and feel empowered to explore their meaning of living right.

Welcome to our peaceful space...

A boutique studio located in the heart of Old Wethersfield, Live Right Wellness brings a holistic blend of modalities to our most ancient towne.

Our inspiration is to provide space for your restoration, healing, and transformation. The goal is to help you recognize, embrace, and come into the very best version of you.

We offer therapeutic massage, daily yoga and barre classes, acupuncture, intuitive readings, and meditation. Our Shakti Boutique offers an eclectic variety of heart-centered gifts to enhance your vibe of well-being!

It is our sincere wish that you find peace within and see the blessing of who you are!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

"Live a good life...for it's not the years in a life, it's the life in the years" - Abraham Lincoln


Read more about our studio and mission here. Thank you to our friends at Connecticut For Sale for showcasing our space!

Our mission in the words of our loving staff...

"Start with heart and the rest will follow. Live Right Wellness believes in the greatness of others. Our promise to you is provide a welcoming space, specialty services (for both your physical and emotional bodies) and our 100% commitment as a partner in your journey!" - Elaine

"This is not just a studio it is your home away from home!! The foundation of this place is built on love with love." - Tracey

"To Live Right is to not only do what best serves you, but what best serves the needs of others as well. At Live Right we encourage you to become your greatest self, keeping in mind your individual needs and goals. We hope to inspire, strengthen, and energize your mind, body, and spirit." - Klaudia

"We strive to cultivate a space for healing, community, and wellness so that every person is inspired to become their healthiest self, and feel empowered to explore their meaning of living right in mind, body, and spirit." - Alyson