Private Yoga Classes

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In a Private Yoga session, you will...

  • learn the foundations of Yoga and meditation

  • have one-on-one instruction for mastery of poses

  • attain personalized health and fitness goals with guidance and support

  • treat specific illnesses or injuries, like Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, sports injuries, or everyday aches/pains

  • develop skills to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, or other dis-eases of the mind

  • better understand your body, what it wants and needs to achieve its full potential and vitality

  • practice self-coping techniques like breath-work, meditation, or journaling

  • release hidden emotions that no longer serve you

  • rewire your habit field and brain to live and feel your best

  • balance your entire energy field, your physical body, and spirit

Meet Your Practitioners...


Renee Dumouchel | Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Would you like to have a deeper connection to your body? Build greater self-awareness? Develop your intuition? Heal limiting self-beliefs, injury, and past trauma? Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions help you connect to all parts of yourself - body, mind, heart, and spirit - so you can learn to listen to your own inner wisdom to empower you to craft the life you want. Start your journey of self-discovery so you can live a more fully authentic, expressive, and heart-centered life. To schedule a session, book through MindBodyOnline, or contact Renee directly at or call 917.992.6974.

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Casey Graham

If you work with Casey, come to her class, allow her to train you, you can expect Power. In all its forms. Physical, mental, emotional strengthening and expansion by creating a stronger bond with your body. Whether you're a 'beginner' or looking to deepen your practice, Casey can support you as you build upon your own innate power.

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