Yoga Therapy: Private Sessions

You are your own wisest teacher. You already possess everything you need to live a more easeful, authentic, and joyful life. You simply need to open the door...

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Would you like to have a deeper connection to your body? Build greater self-awareness? Develop your intuition? Heal limiting self-beliefs, injury, and past trauma? Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions help you connect to all parts of yourself - body, mind, heart, and spirit - so you can learn to listen to your own inner wisdom to empower you to craft the life you want. Start your journey of self-discovery so you can live a more fully authentic, expressive, and heart-centered life. 

Clients have reported receiving a variety of benefits, including*: 

  • Renewed sense of clarity and empowerment
  • A deep feeling of relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Ease of chronic pain
  • Improved mood
  • Decrease in depression, anxiety, and physical discomfort

An Intricate Tapestry. We are each an intricate, unique, and constantly shifting tapestry, woven together from our life experiences. Each thread represents a moment in time, an experience, however fleeting, in your personal history. As your threads, or experiences, knit together over time, they form patterns that you experiences as physical sensations like stress and chronic pain, emotions such as anxiety, fear, and depression, negative or destructive thought patterns, and self-limiting behaviors. Some patterns are familiar, perhaps even loved, while others are more complex, difficult to understand, or hidden from view.  

Creating the Life that You Desire: The "threads" of your experience contribute to the physical, mental, and emotional sensations you feel daily. But they are not the foundation of who you are. They are simply your body's way of marking the passage of your experience. And you can make active choices for how your body remembers and responds to your life experiences.

Phoenix Rising sessions use breath, movement, intuitive discussion, and meditation to help you gain greater clarity around the tapestry you've woven and uncover personal patterns that no longer serve you, so that you can choose which threads to strengthen, and which to unravel and release.  

The Body Mind Connection: Have you every had a recurrent, nagging muscle pain, an ache in your joints, or a gentle, persistent throbbing in your leg? Most of us have, and grow so accustomed to our quirks, aches and pains, that we often don't react until we reach a moment of crisis. When our body talks, we rarely take the time to listen, much less interpret and respond.

Phoenix Rising is a body-centered therapy that teaches you to use your breath and body as a gateway to become aware of what's happening in the moment (sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories, images), so you can step back and gain greater clarity around what's happening in your life. Offer yourself the opportunity to listen closely and respond authentically. The awareness gained during a Phoenix Rising session offer you the opportunity to benefit from your own knowledge so that you can start re-weaving your tapestry to reflect patterns and ways of being that you choose, rather than those that chose.


Yoga therapy is appropriate for anyone looking to explore a deeper connection to themselves. Renée offers a safe and supportive environment for this exploration, regardless of age, gender, body type, fitness level, or physical condition. All that is required is your body and an open mind. 

Clients have reported receiving a variety of benefits, including*: 

  • A feeling of deep relaxation 
  • Greater emotional stability 
  • Enhanced mental clarity, a sense of empowerment, and greater self-esteem 
  • Clearer focus and sense of perspective 
  • Greater body awareness and feeling good in one's body 
  • Physical relief from chronic aches and pains 
  • Easier and deeper breathing 
  • Ability to identify, work with, and release fears 
  • Less restricted by self-imposed limitations 
  • Deeper and stronger connection with one's spiritual essence 
  • Greater trust in one's self


  • Private Session (1 ½ hrs): $175
  • Extended Session: $175 + $45 for each additional ½ hour

Session Series: 

  • Block of 3 ($30 savings): $495
  • Block of 6 ($95 savings): $955
  • Block of 10 ($175 savings): $1,575

To schedule a session, book through MindBodyOnline, or contact Renee directly at or call 917.992.6974.

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